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Premier Padel Madrid P1 is ready for the round of 16


After a day where the top pairings made their debut in the tournament, the round of 32 at the Premier Padel Madrid P1 came to an end. Today, the couples that managed to qualify will play the round of sixteen, starting at 14:00 hs (Local).

After Tuesday marked by the court conditions - most of the players agree the ball is slow - the round of 32 of Madrid P1 of the new Premier Padel circuit ended. The top pairs did their job by winning their matches - mostly in two sets - and will face each other in an action-packed round of 16.

Wednesday's match day will start at 14:00hs (local time) and will be played on two courts simultaneously.

Here is the order of play for the day:

Round of 16  Wednesday

Central Court

14:00h –Javier Garcia/Raul Marcos Vs (5) Federico Chingotto/Juan Tello

P.O.2 – (1) Juan Lebron/Alejandro Galan Vs (13) Agustin Gomez Silingo/Juan Cruz Belluati

P.O.3  (16) Ramiro Moyano/Francisco Gil Vs (2) Francisco Navarro/Martin Di Nenno

P.O.4 – Antonio Luque/Sergio Icardo Vs (3) Agustin Tapia/Sanyo Gutierrez

Court 2

14:00h (14) Jose Rico/Agustin Gutierrez Vs (7) Momo Gonzalez/Alex Ruiz

P.O.2 –(4) Franco Stupaczuk/Pablo Lima Vs (10) Javier Garrido/Lucas Campagnolo

P.O.3  (6) Fernando Belasteguin/Arturo Coello Vs (9) Miguel Yanguas/Coki Nieto

P.O.4  (8) Maxi Sanchez/Luciano Capra Vs (15) Jon Sanz/Alejandro Arroyo

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