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Second day at the APT Tenerife Open – How the round of 32 will be played out

The opening day of the APT Tenerife Open has come to an end, and the first couples to advance to the round of 16 are already known. Today, the remaining matches of the round of 32 will be completed, starting at 9:30 am.

After a day of great comebacks and the introduction of new couples to the tour, the first stage of the round of 32 of the Tenerife Open ended. The first six couples to qualify for the last sixteen joined the top seeds waiting to make their debut on Thursday. 

This Wednesday, from 9:30 a.m. and with live streaming on the official APT Padel Tour YouTube channel, the remaining six games of the round of 32 will be played.

Here is the order of play of the day and the latest results:

Round of 32 (Wednesday) – Schedule

(7) Juan Restivo/Facundo Dominguez vs Julian Lacamoire/Uriël Maarsen – 9:30h (Local) 6/4 6/7 6/1

Antonio Fernandez/Jose Garcia Diestro vs Ramiro Valenzuela/Pedro Castañeyra – 11:00h (Local) 6/2 6/1

Oier Zuazua/Daniel Martinez vs Daniel Appelgren/Linus Frost – 12:30h (Local) 2/6 4/6

Sergio Borrero/Pablo Deltell vs (8) Miguel Deus/Nuno Deus – 17:00h (Local) 6/7 2/6

Vasco Pascoal/Pedro Perry vs Ramiro Pereyra/Martin Andornino – 18:30h (Local) 4/6 6/7

Ignacio Piotto/Cristian Gutiérrez vs Matias Gonzalez/Luciano Puppo – 20:00h (Local) 6/3 6/4

Round of 32 (Tuesday) – Results

Jérôme Inzerillo/Jesus Ruiz Bohorquez vs Matias Del Moral/Santiago Frugoni – 9:30h (Local) 6/3 3/6 6/7

(5) Maximiliano Sánchez/Juan I. De Pascual vs Marcos Cordoba/Ignacio Sager – 11:00h (Central) 6/4 6/3

Joel Fernandez/Carlos Barrera vs José González/Antonio Luque – 12:30h (Local) 3/6 2/6

Joaquim Florensa/Marc Monne vs (6) Eduardo A. Torre/Diego Ramos – 17:00h (Local) 6/7 1/6

Javier Pérez Morillas/Mario Del Castillo vs Diego Gil Batista/Jairo Bautista Ortiz 18:30h (Local) 6/2 6/0

Exequiel Mouriño/Jeremy Scatena vs Victor Saenz/Aday Santana – 20:00h (Local)  2/6 7/6 3/6

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