Padel on Tour

Traveling to the Heart of Padel — Watch the Padel on Tour from Argentina


Padel on Tour is back. In the third episode of the series, we travel to one of the most important padel countries: Argentina. Padel Alto's reporter Filip Björne meets the man behind the most famous stroke, the bandeja. We visit the pro Lucho Capra's home club. And we meet Fernando "El Rey" Belasteguin on his home soil.

Watch the episode from Argentina in the player above. 

About Padel on Tour

Padel on Tour takes you to places around the world in a series of programs about the sport of padel. The series is a collaboration between Padel Alto and the racket sports booking application MATCHi.

Did you miss the first episodes from Dubai? Watch it here. Stay tuned; new exciting destinations for Padel on Tour are just around the corner! 

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