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FEP in an statement against the International Tennis Federation: ”Perceives padel as a threat”

The Spanish Padel Federation (FEP) has issued an official statement rejecting the interference of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) in padel.

”By the end of 2022, ITF will have a strategy for the offensive on padel, encouraging the tennis federations to continue to take control of padel in their countries", states the letter on FEP´s website. 

According to the statement, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) is considering amending its statutes to give it control and governance of the sport of padel globally, claiming that "the proliferation of tennis-like disciplines is a growing concern for the promotion and preservation of tennis as the most established racket sport."

The FEP warns that the ITF has urged tennis federations in all countries to take control of padel locally, as it sees it as a threat to its sport. 

Be governed by independent federations

This action by the ITF would be driven by the exponential growth of padel, which in some countries - as in Spain - has more followers than tennis, exceeding the sports licenses by up to 15%.

The FEP calls for both sports to be governed by independent federations and rejects any interference by the ITF in padel, showing its full support for the FIP as the highest governing body.

The statement leaves the door open to "respectful cooperation between the FIP, the ITF, and the national federations as separate and independent governing bodies of different sports: padel and tennis."

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