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First time in Austria — WPT Vienna Open kicks off

The WPT circuit arrives on Austrian soil with the WPT Vienna Open for the first time. 

The last 32 of the WPT Vienna Open get underway this Wednesday. This tournament will be the first to reach Austrian soil, where padel has grown a lot in recent years. The first padel court was built in Vienna in 2014, and nowadays, there are more than 100.

The chosen venue for the tournament will be the Steffl Arena, a stadium located in the center of Vienna, where ice hockey tournaments are usually held. This stadium, built in 1995 and remodeled in 2011, has a capacity of 7000 spectators and was specially conditioned for the occasion, leaving the ice for padel courts.

This Wednesday, World Padel Tour TV will broadcast three matches of the women's round of 32 from 10:00 in the morning. In the afternoon, from 15:30 onwards, it will broadcast three games from the first round of the men's draw.

Here is Wednesday's schedule:

Round of 32 - Wednesday

Men’s draw

Rubio/Ruiz vs Rico/Gutierrez – 10:00h (Local)

Leal/Botello vs (6) Sanchez/Capra – O.J.2 Morning

Rico/J.Ruiz vs Marcos/Garcia – O.J.3 Morning

Fernandez/Diestro vs Semmler/Ramirez – 15:00h (Local)

 (7) Belasteguin/Coello vs Silingo/Gil – 15:30h (Local) WPT TV

Cepero/Lijo vs Ruiz/Bergamini – 15:30h (Local)

Yanguas/Nieto vs (8) Gonzalez/Ruiz – O.J.2 Afternoon WPT TV

(5) Stupaczuk/Lima vs. Quilez/Bueno – O.J.2 Afternoon

Diaz/Arroyo vs Alten/Krenn (WC) – O.J.3 AfternoonWPT TV

Alonso/Alba vs. Sans/Moya – O.J.3 Afternoon

Oria/Mendez vs. Campagnolo/Garrido – O.J.3 Afternoon

Sanz/Lamperti vs. Moyano/Belluati O.J.3 Afternoon


Women’s draw

(6) Brea/Icardo vs Villalba/Nogueira – 10:00h (Local) WPT TV

Polo/Reiter vs (8) Alayeto/Alayeto – 10:00h (Local)

Fernandez/Soriano vs Mesa/Jensen –  10:00h (Local)

Bellver/Orsi vs (5) Riera/Llaguno – O.J.2 Morning WPT TV

Amatriain/Navarro vs Fernandez/Bidahorria – O.J.2 Morning

Talavan/Araujo vs Rufo/Goenaga – O.J.2 Morning

(7) Osoro/Iglesias vs Martinez/Carnicero – O.J.3 Morning WPT TV

Sussarello/Vinci vs Virseda/Las Heras – O.J.3 Morning

Guinart/Canovas vs Navarro/Godallier – O.J.3 Morning

Barrera/Caparros vs Caldera/Rodriguez – 15:00h (Local)

Castello/Collombon vs Hernandez/Martinez – O.J.2 Afternoon

Cortiles/Clasca vs Saiz/Martinez – O.J.2 Afternoon



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