Italy Major
Premier Padel

Final: Head to Head — Lebron/Galan VS Navarro/Di Nenno

It's Sunday and time for the final of the Premier Padel's second tournament of the year, the Italy Major. Ready for the final are the two best teams in the world: Juan Lebron/Alejandro Galan against Paquito Navarro/Martin Di Nenno. The match starts at 6 pm local time. Here are the statistics between the teams. 

Head to head — matches (since 2016)

Alejandro Galan (SPA) VS Paquito Navarro (SPA) (since 20127)

Alejandro Galan VS Martin Di Nenno (ARG) (Since 2017)

Juan Lebron (SPA) VS Paquito Navarro (since 2016)

Juan Lebron VS Martin Di Nenno (since 2018)

Seeded — Italy Major 

Juan Lebron & Alejandro Galan 


Paquito Navarro & Martin Di Nenno 

Latest played game 

The world's two best teams have met three times this season. Twice in the World Padel Tour, in the Vigo Open and Alicante Open, and in the final of Premier Padel's first Major, the Qatar Major. Paquito Navarro and Martin Di Nenno are 2-1 in matches this year, having won the final of the Vigo Open in three sets and the final of the Qatar Major in two sets. Juan Lebron and Alejandro Galan won in two straight sets in the Alicante Open.

Number of titles last season and 2022


Juan Lebron & Alejandro Galan 

5 (1 Premier Padel Major title) 

Paquito Navarro & Martin Di Nenno 



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