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Sergio Alba confirms to Padel Alto: ”Here is my new partner”


Padel Alto had an exclusive chat with Sergio Alba, in which he confirmed his new partner for the rest of the season.

Last week, Alvaro Cepero and Sergio Alba, who started their team project at the beginning of the season, announced their breakup after not reaching their expected results.
Today, Padel Alto had a chat with Sergio, in which he confirmed his new partner. He will play with Edu Alonso, who is ranked number 42. 

Padel Alto asked Sergio why he chose to play with the young Valencia-born player Edu Alonso. 

— I like his commitment and his attitude. I also love his game style. I think we will match very well together.

As for the new couple's current aspirations, Alba focused on the goal they had set together.

– I think we'll be in qualifying right now, so the short-term goal is to move up to the main draw and establish ourselves there. he says.

He continues:

— Anyway, what I'm looking for is to be comfortable with him, to have the same work commitment, and to make a great team... That's what will make us be fighting for higher positions.

At the end of last week, Edu Alonso and Jesus Moya announced their break-up after failing to achieve the objectives set at the beginning of the season.

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