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Lima after Padel Alto's revealing: ”I could say many things but I prefer to apologize”

Yesterday Padel Alto went public with the revelation that Pablo Lima is leaving Maxi Sanchez. Later in the evening, the Brazilian himself went public and confirmed the revelation on his social media channels. 

According to credible sources to Padel Alto, former world number one Pablo Lima and Argentine Franco Stupaczuk will soon announce their new partnership. 

A few hours after Padel Alto's revelation, the Brazilian himself went public on his social media to announce that he is leaving Maxi Sanchez. 

— It was an uncomfortable and purely sporting decision, he writes. 

And continues: 

— I sincerely believe that I have not been able to contribute to what the couple needed. I could say many things, but I prefer to apologize for the problem caused. 

Maxi Sanchez has not yet gone public with the break-up. The pair managed to play five tournaments together. In all of them, they reached the quarter-finals. 

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