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Sources to Padel Alto: He will be ”Stupas” new partner

Today's news that Franco Stupaczuk is leaving Alex Ruiz came as a shock to many. According to several independently credible sources to Padel Alto, his partner is already confirmed. It will be Pablo Lima who will play beside ”Stupa”.  

It came as a shock to many. On Monday, Franco Stupaczuk announced that he was leaving Alex Ruiz. The partner he won two titles with last season and the team that went to three semi-finals in five attempts this season. 

According to several credible and independent sources that Padel Alto has been in contact with, Franco Stupaczuk's partner is already confirmed. 

It will be the former world number one Pablo Lima who will take Alex Ruiz's place. 

Pablo Lima is currently playing with Maxi Sanchez. A pair that started playing together before this season when Maxi Sanchez chose to leave Lucho Capra after last season. A break that Padel Alto was the first to reveal. 

Pablo Lima is currently 12th in the rankings. He started last season with Agustin Tapia and won two titles in the Las Rozas Open and the Malaga Open. Tapia then chose to leave Lima and continued with Sanyo Gutierrez. The Brazilian then finished last season with Javi Ruiz.

The last time Pablo Lima went past a quarterfinal was in the Sardinia Open last September. This year's record with Maxi Sanchez is five quarterfinals.

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