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Official: Here is Jesus Moya's new partner


Youngsters Jesus Moya and Edu Alonso's season has not gone as expected. After the Alicante Open, the pair broke off their partnership. Now Moya has found his new partner: Anton Sans. 

After the Alicante Open, several couples announced their separation. One couple that did not live up to expectations and who broke up was Jesus Moya and Edu Alonso. 

Already on Sunday, Jesus Moya announced his new partner, Anton Sans. In doing so, Sans breaks with his former partner, Christian Furster. 

— We come together with the illusion and desire to make a great padel. We can not promise victories but if effort and work for these come, writes Jesus Moya on his social media channels. 

Anton Sans is currently in 52nd place in the rankings while Jesus Moya is in 32nd place. 

More news about new partnerships is expected this week. Sergio Alba, Javi Leal, Miguel Semmler, Edu Alonso, and Alvaro Cepero are among those without a partner after the Alicante Open. 


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