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Newly-formed couple separates — fourth to break after Alicante Open: ”We tried until the end”


The newly-formed pairing of youngsters Jesus Moya and Edu Alonso have not got the start they wanted this season. Now they are breaking up the partnership. 

The loss to Inigo Zaratiegui and Lucas Bergamini in the Alicante Open, 3-6, 2-6, was the last one they made together. The pair expected more from the start of the season. 

”We tried until the end, but without a doubt, the results have not been as expected. We played at a level far below what we could have shown. Jesus, I wish you the best. You are a great friend, and you already know that. I have trained more than ever to deal with things that were out of my control”, writes Edu Alonso on his Instagram. 

This makes them the fourth pair to break after the Alicante Open. First, Mati Diaz and Aris Patiniotis announced their break-up. This was followed by Sergio Alba choosing to leave Alvaro Cepero, who surprisingly decided to speak out in an interview with Padel Alto.

During the week, Javi Leal and Miguel Semmler also decided to end their partnership. This means that the team has now separated twice in less than a year.

Padel Alto has been in contact with all the players, who announces that a decision on the future will be made soon. 

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