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The pair separates for the second time in less than a year


Javi Leal and Miguel Semmler break their partnership after the Alicante Open. This means that the pair have broken up twice in less than a year. 

The pair's last match was their loss in the Alicante Open against Agustin Silingo and Francisco Gil. The match ended 6-7, 5-7. 

”I take this opportunity to let you know that I will not continue playing with Javi. I wanted to thank you for this time together and wish you good luck for the future”, Miguel Semmler announces on his social media channels. 

The pair spectacularly started last season, going from being a team in Pre Previa to going to the main round of the World Padel Tour. After a couple of poor performances, Javi Leal decided to break off the partnership and play with Jose Rico after the Lugo Open, which surprised Miguel Semmler.

For this year's season, super talent Javi Leal and Miguel Semmler chose to reunite. But things haven't gone the way the pair wanted, and today came the news that the team is canceling the partnership. Javi Leal and Miguel Semmler's best results of the year are the Round of 16, in Reus, Miami, and now in Alicante. 

Who they will play with in the future is currently unclear. Another couple who have decided to go their separate ways are Sergio Alba and Alvaro Cepero. It was Alba who made the decision. 

— I have a new project, says Sergio Alba to Padel Alto. 

It remains to be seen if Sergio Alba and Miguel Semmler will continue the season together. Alvaro Cepero tells Padel Alto that he does not have a new partner ready. 


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