Premier Padel

Prize money and ranking points – so much did Paquito and Di Nenno bring in


Paquito Navarro and Martin Di Nenno became the first historical winners of the Premier Padel tour, beating Juan Lebron and Alejandro Galan in the final. But how much money did the teams bring in prize money? Padel Alto has the full list of ranking points and prize money. 


Paquito Navarro & Martin Di Nenno 
2000 points / 47 300 Euros per player. 


Alejandro Galan & Juan Lebron 
1200 points / 23 600 Euros per player.


Franco Stupaczuk & Alex Ruiz 
Federico Chingotto & Juan Tello 
750 points / 13 100 Euros per player. 


Lucho Capra & Javi Ruiz 
Javi Rico & Momo Gonzalez 
Fernando Belasteguin / Arturo Coello 
Javi Garrido / Lucas Campagnolo 
360 points / 8 500 Euros per player.

Eliminated in the Round of 16 

180 points / 5 250 Euros per player.  

Eliminated in the Round of 32

90 points / 2900 Euros per player

Eliminated in the first Main Round 

40 points (70 if you got there through the qualifications) / 1 500 Euros per player. 

Eliminated in the last Qualification Round 

50 points / 820 Euros per player. 

Eliminated in the First Qualification Round 

25 points

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