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Day 3: ”The winner of tomorrow's meeting will be the historical champions — they have convinced the most”

I know it's early in the tournament, and not every match is the same. But from what I've seen so far of the tournament, Fernando Belasteguin and Arturo Coello impress me the most. The meeting against Lebron and the Galan tomorrow will decide everything. 

Time flies here in Doha. Wednesday's Round of 16 is over. The two big surprise pairs, Nacho Vilarino / Jose Luis Gonzalez and Swede Daniel Windahl and Cristian Gutierrez, are out of the tournament, and only the heavyweights are left. 

The wind that has been a big talking point during the week subsided a bit today. Perhaps it was to the favorites' advantage today when the surprise pair went out against the much more experienced teams of Juan Lebron / Alejandro Galan and Javi Rico and Momo Gonzalez. 

However, it was a given match that I already pointed out yesterday when I saw the game schedule as the best of the day in advance — the one between Fernando Belasteguin / Arturo Coello against Mike Yanguas and Coki Nieto. 

I know that Fernando Belasteguin personally likes to play on slow surfaces, but the question is whether it's not best for the pair, in general, to play to Arturo Coello's strengths as a player. His smash on this fast surface in Doha is intangible to most when he gets into the center of the court. 

For me, they are favorites to win and become the historic first pair to win Premier Padel after three days of the main round. But, as Fernando Belasteguin said in an interview with Padel Alto (published on Thursday), it's a whole new match tomorrow. He didn't even want to think about what it would mean to win the entire tournament and become even more historic than he already is. 

They also have the toughest draw imaginable in the form of Alejandro Galan and Juan Lebron. I think whoever wins the meeting tomorrow will also win the whole tournament. 

It was clear that the tactic was for Coello to take care of many of the lobs from Nieto and Yanguas, even into Bela's half of the court.

The match ended 6-1, 7-5. In my opinion, Mike Yanguas and Coki Nieto did not play a bad match, even if Coki Nieto was very disappointed afterward and left the arena right after the match point.


In yesterday's blog, I wrote about how I never wanted to see "Golden Point" again after being here and reliving the advantage again. I even had a poll on Instagram. The result was that a majority wants the "Golden Point," 67% voted for "Golden," and 33 with me. Lucky I have the players with me. 


On Friday, the Football World Cup draw next to the player hotel. You can tell it's getting closer. But will all the buildings be finished by then? It feels like the whole of Doha is under construction now. 


As expected, it is not a crowd-pleaser in Doha. The area where the tournament is played is deserted, and most people are on the Center Court, but there is also a very small crowd in the huge grandstand. 

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