World Padel Tour

First split of the season — new formed pair go their separate ways


The first split on the World Padel Tour is a fact. After only three tournaments, the talents Esther Carnicero and Jimena Velasco separate. This, after losing at the WPT Vigo Open qualifiers. 

The duo formed by Esther Carnicero and Jimena Velasco has decided to end the project that brought them together before the season. The players - ranked 39th and 52nd respectively - announced their separation on Monday, after losing in the first round of the Previa of the Vigo Open against Martina Fassio and Ainhoa Rico by 4-6, 2-6. 

After three tournaments together, the couple split without achieving the expected results. They fell in the round of 32 of the WPT in Miami and the Reus. 

The great talent Jimena Velasco born in 2004 announced the news on her Instagram:

"We fell in the qualifiers in this WPT Vigo Open against two great rivals, whom I congratulate for the match. This tournament ends the project with Esther Carnicero, whom I thank for the confidence! Good luck on your new stage”, she announces. 

And continues:

”Team: This hasn’t been the expected start of the season, but we will keep working to achieve our goals.” 

Esther Carnicero played with the experienced Cecilia Reiter last season. Who their new partners will be is not yet clear. 

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