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Booking platform MATCHi grows — acquires popular streaming platform

The Swedish company MATCHi, one of the world's largest padel court booking platforms, is growing rapidly. Today it became clear that the company is acquiring Padelgo, a streaming platform for padel content.

The MATCHi booking platform was founded in 2012 and has grown rapidly for players and clubs within racket sports. 

In padel, they have partnerships with major chains such as WAP, PDL (Sweden), Game4Padel (UK), and Racket Club (Denmark). 

One of the fastest-growing racket sports platforms for connecting players with venues is acquiring the streaming platform Padelgo as part of the venture. 

”With its strong track record and innovative culture, Padelgo is a great addition to MATCHi´s product portfolio. The acquisition gives us the opportunity to increase customer value and to enhance our tournament platform and on-premise services at multiple touchpoints to give players and venues the best possible experience”, Daniel Ekman, CEO at MATCHi, says in a press release. 

Padelgo — 400 000 unique viewers 

Padelgo started its operations in 2019. They offer padel players the possibility to stream the court you are playing on by scanning a QR code before starting the match. 

The Padelgo service has been well received by users, as the platform has reached over 400 000 unique viewers. According to Verified Market Research, the worldwide sports online live video streaming market will reach over USD 87 billion by 2028.

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