Ellinor Skeppström
Players Padel Tour

TV: Lisandro Borges about the Players Padel Tour: ”The players needs to be owners”

In an exclusive interview with Padel Alto, the CEO of the Players Padel Tour, Lisandro Borges, talks about the plans for the new circuit, Players Padel Tour. 

Watch the interview in the player above. 

During the Buenos Aires Padel Masters, Lisandro Borges gathered all the players and presented the new structure of the Players Padel Tour. A tour that competes with the World Padel Tour and several other actors to become the future world tour. 

The presentation has been appreciated by the players that Padel Alto has spoken to. Padel Alto had a chat with Lisandro Borges in Buenos Aires about the plans. Among other things, the following was discussed: 

  • When the new circuit is scheduled to start.
  • How the prize money will be.
  • About the inequality and distribution in prize-money between men and women.
  • Where the future tournaments will be held.
  • About the future streaming on Players Padel Tour. 
  • And much more.

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