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Won the last WPT in Sweden — now Marrero is forced to withdraw

MALMO. She won the Swedish Padel Open in 2019. Now, Marta Marrero and her partner Lucia Sainz are forced to withdraw from the Malmo Padel Open. This, after Marta Marrero has injured her ankle, announces World Padel Tour on their website.  

The first withdrawal from the Malmo Padel Open has arrived. The former world number one, Marta Marrero, is forced to withdraw from the tournament in Sweden due to a foot injury.

This means that her partner, Lucia Sainz, also will have to miss the tournament in Sweden. 

Marta Marrero won the tournament last time World Padel Tour was in Sweden in 2019. At that time in Bastad with her former partner Marta Ortega. 

Marta Marrero and Lucia Sainz started playing with each other ahead of the Menorca Open. So far they have reached a final in Menorca and a semi-final in the Cordoba Open. 

They were seeded third ahead of the Malmo Padel Open and would enter the tournament in Malmo Arena on Thursday. 

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