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Spanish Padel Championships
Spanish Padel Championship

Di Nenno and Garrido reunited and won the Spanish Championships

MADRID. Martin Di Nenno and Javi Garrido played together on the World Padel Tour 2019. This week they were reunited when the favorites took home the gold in the Spanish Championship on Sunday. 

Martin Di Nenno and Javi Garrido handled being the favorites brilliantly, winning the final against Pablo Lijo and Javi Ruiz 6-4, 5-7, 6-2. 

Pablo Lijo and Javi Ruiz make a reasonable effort in the championship as both are everyday backhand players. In this tournament, Javi Ruiz, therefore, had to play on the forehand side. 

However, the old pairing of Martin Di Nenno and Javi Garrido proved too difficult in the final. The team went to the semi-finals together during the Alicante Open 2019, and right now, Martin Di Nenno is playing the best padel of his career in pair with Paquito Navarro on the World Padel Tour. 

So also in this match which they deservedly took home. 

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