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Lebron and Galan back in the national team — here are Spain's teams for the World Cup

Now it's done. One of the big favorites, Spain, has now named its squad for the World Cup in Qatar. 

The team are big favourites on the women's side with names like Gemma Triay, Alejandra Salazar and Paula Josemaria. On the men's side, Argentina is the favourite, but Spain is a strong contender for the gold. 

Spain's women's squad for the World Cup

• Gemma Triay 

• Alejandra Salazar 

• Paula Josemaria

• Ariana Sanchez 

• Tamara Icardo 

• Marta Ortega 

• Patricia Llaguno 

• Lucia Sainz 

Spain's men's squad for the World Cup

• Alejandro Galan 

• Alejandro Ruiz 

• Arturo Coello 

• Paquito Navarro 

• Javi Rico 

• Momo Gonzalez 

• Coki Nieto 

• Juan Lebron 

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