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World's best players create Professional Padel Association — demand better conditions

The top elite of the World Padel Tour come together and creates the Professional Padel Association. The demand: that the circuit should not sign individual contracts, better conditions for image rights, and economic improvements. 

"The first step of this association will be to aim at finding a new circuit proposal," says a letter published this weekend. 

The newly formed association will promote the common interest of all professional padel players. It was written in a letter published this weekend. 

”In this way, through the association, we intend to provide our professional guild with a greater capacity and significance both legally and economically similar to what happens in other sports," says the letter. 

The president of the association will be Alejandro Galan, with Pablo Lima as vice president and Paquito Navarro as secretary. Fernando Belasteguin is also among the list of seven players on the board. 

On the list of demands, the letter states that the current World Padel Tour circuit or other circuits will not be allowed to sign individual contracts with players. It also demands negotiations on players' prize money and better conditions for image rights. 

"The first steps of this association will aim at finding a new circuit proposal, either with the current organizer WPT or with new organizers or circuits that are interested in working together with our association, and not sign individual contracts. We will focus our proposal on the negotiation of image rights, economist improvements, etc.". 

The other co-founders of the Professional Padel Association are Maxi Sanchez, Miguel Semmler, and José Gaspar. They underline that they want all professional players to join the association soon to discuss everyone's ideas and thoughts about the future. 

"We understand that it is the moment to work all together in a unified way to be able to progress in our condition of professional sportsmen, taking advantage of the magnificent moment that our sport is going through at all levels. So we hope that you share our thoughts and that our initiative has a positive response among all of you," concludes the letter. 

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