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Maty Marina forced to give up professional career after three operations

28-year-old Maty Marina is forced to give up his professional career. He announced his decision on Sunday on his own Instagram. 

— After 13 years in the circuit, I have to say goodbye sooner than I would like," he wrote. 

The Argentine's last partner at the highest level was the Swede Daniel Windahl. On Sunday, he announced his retirement from the World Padel Tour. 

The reason is the many injuries the player had in recent seasons. 

— I have spent many months working alone off the court to see if it would improve, but it has not been possible. After three operations, my knees do not respond. I still have a lot of pain, and I can not train or compete, he writes in a post on Instagram. 

Many players on the World Padel Tour have paid tribute to Maty Marina. Stars like Fernando Belasteguin and Juan Martin Diaz have commented on the entry. Legend Miguel Lamperti writes the following: 

" So many talks we have had about this, and always wanting to try to make you play because for me you always had a great facility to play. That is why maybe I insisted so many times that you try, but after so many operations and without you being able to "enjoy" inside the court, without a doubt, I think it is the best decision, and I always support you." 

However, Maty Marina assures his followers that he wants to stay in the padel world in the future. 

— I have been playing for 24 years, my whole life, that's why I want to continue to be linked to padel. Surely I would like soon to be a coach and contribute or help others with my experiences and with those I have learned from so many great coaches and colleagues I've had.

Maty Marina won, among other tournaments Cordoba Challenger together with Alex Ruiz. In 2017 he won the first WPT tournament in Sweden, the Helsingborg Challenger with Javier Concepcion, who has also stopped playing padel at a high level. 

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