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OFFICIAL: Lima has chosen Javi Ruiz as new partner

He was left behind when Agustin Tapia chose to play with Sanyo Gutierrez. Now Pablo Lima has chosen a new partner. It will be Javi Ruiz playing with the Brazilian left-handed player. 

The last few days have seen a succession of separations and new pairs on the World Padel Tour. Many had wondered who Pablo Lima will pair up with when his former partner Agustin Tapia decided to break up and continue the season with Sanyo Gutierrez instead. 

Now the replacement is ready. 

Pablo Lima went public on Tuesday and confirmed that his new partner would be Javi Ruiz. 

Javi Ruiz's former partner Arturo Coello has chosen to play with Fernando Belasteguin and was left without a partner. In addition, he has recently been plagued by injuries. 

The article will be updated. 

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