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OFFICIAL: Here are the new partners of the Spanish super talents

It's been an intense couple of days on the World Padel Tour. In addition to Sanyo/Bela and Tapia/Lima breaking, players further down the rankings have also separated. Among others, super talented Javi Leal is now paired up with José Rico. And Alejandro Arroyo with Lucas Bergamini. 

With his former partner Miguel Semmler, Spanish super talent Javi Leal has gone from Pre-Previa to reaching the main tournaments. Despite the success, the pair chose to go their separate ways. 

Now they have each found a new partner. Javi Leal chooses to pair up with Josete Rico (32-ranked), who had played with Martin Pineiro before. Miguel Semmler will play with Sergio Alba, who Francisco Gil previously left in favor of Jesus Moya. 

Similarly, the Brazilian couple Lucas Bergamini and Lucas Campagnolo chose to break. Bergamini made the announcement yesterday on his Instagram. 

— After the last tournament, we were talking, and we thought that the best option to get the best out of both of us would be to separate our paths. We know the reasons, and we are calm, he wrote. 

Already today, it is clear with a new partner for the forehand player. The new partner will be the super talented Alejandro Arroyo, who reached the semi-finals of the Lugo Open last weekend with Arturo Coello. 

The team's first competition will be the Menorca Open. 

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