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The successful pair separates: ”Best decision”

18-year-old Spanish super talent Javi Leal breaks the partnership with Miguel Semmler. He announces this via his Instagram. 

Javi Leal, who is now 49th in the world rankings, describes the break-up from his perspective.

”I end the collaboration with Miguel Semmler. I am grateful for everything he has taught me and for what I have experienced with him. Good moments, others not so good, but always fighting as a team, trying to go in the same direction.

He continues:

”We had an excellent season, starting from the tough Pre-Previa and finishing in the main tournament, fighting every tournament against the best. For various reasons, I think the best decision is separation. Tough but necessary decision."

Javi Leal and Miguel Semmler made big headlines at the start of the 2021 World Padel Tour season when they reached a quarter-final in. Vigo Open after they started in the Pre-Previa. 

The duo will make their final tournament together at the Lugo Open next week.

Padel Alto met Javi Leal this spring for an interview - read the whole interview here. 

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