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Padel Alto reveals: Jesus Moya and Francisco Gil new partners at WPT

This week, Francisco Gil and Sergio Alba announced the end of their collaboration after three years. Now Padel Alto reveals that forehand player Fransisco Gil will play with Jesus Moya. 
— Jesus is spectacular, Francisco Gil says to Padel Alto. 

The new pair's first tournament will be the Barcelona Masters. Francisco Gil (28th-ranked) and Sergio Alba's (30th-ranked) last tournament will be the Sardegna Open in Italy next week. 

Thus Jesus Moya (38th-ranked) leaves his partner Eduardo Alonso (52th-ranked). 

— Sergio and I had been together for three years, and we decided to separate because the relationship was frayed, says Francisco Gil to Padel Alto. 

Francisco Gil and Sergio Alba have not achieved the results they wanted this season, and the team has not advanced from the Round of 16 on the World Padel Tour. 

According to Gil, the decision to play with Jesus Moya from Melllilla was easy, and they are good friends off the court. 

— Jesus is a spectacular guy, and a great player, young and explosive, which I think is what I´m missing at the moment. 

What is the goal for the season? 

— To reach a good level as quickly as possible to compete at a high level. 

Jesus Moya and Eduardo Alonso have reached one quarter-final this season. That was in the Valencia Open. It is currently unclear who Jesus Moya and Eduardo Alonso will pair up with. 

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