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Seven teams from the qualifying ready for the main tournament

MADRID. Today the main tournament of the Las Rozas Open begins. The competition will today enter the main arena in Las Rozas outside Madrid. Here are the teams that won the qualifiers and the teams that got the Lucky Losers places.  

Three teams have been forced to withdraw from the tournament on the men's side after three players tested positive for Covid-19. This means that a total of seven teams have advanced from qualifying to the main tournament.  

Four winners and three teams that advanced as Lucky Losers.  

The qualification on the women's side is not yet complete. The last qualifying matches will take place this morning, Wednesday. 

Men´s side qualification — winners  

Victor Ruiz / José Rico 

Denis Tomas Perino / Ernesto Moreno 

Javi Leal / Miguel Semmler 

Nacho Gadea / Teodoro Zapata 

Lucky Losers

Salvador Oria / Jorge Ruiz  

Alvaro Cepero / Alejandro Arroyo  

Mario Del Castillo / Antonio Luque 


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