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World Padel Tour

Javi Ruiz with Arturo Coello— here are the new teams for the Las Rozas Open

The time after the Valencia Open has been turbulent. Several pairs have broken up, and new ones have been formed. On Tuesday, the next competition begins, this time the Las Rozas Open. Here are the new teams. 

A total of ten teams have separated after the seventh competition of the World Padel Tour in Valencia. Seven on the men's side and three on the women's side. 

New pairs

Javi Ruiz / Arturo Coello 

Clearly the most interesting new pair for the Las Rozas Open and the rest of the season. After four years, Javi Ruiz and Uri Botello left each other, and Arturo Coello left Miguel Lamperti after a successful season. It could be a semi-final team as we advance. 

Miguel Lamperti/Mike Yanguas

Miguel Lamperti moves on from one youth to another. From Arturo Coello to Miguel Yanguas. Now it will be going back to a right-handed forehand player that could make things more difficult for Miguel Lamperti as the 42-year-old needs to work even more on the court. The pair will have a tough time going to better rounds than the quarterfinals. 

Ramiro Moyano / Uri Botello 

Uri Botello was left by Javi Ruiz for the talented young Arturo Coello, available was Ramiro Moyano. Javi Ruiz is basically a better player, and I think Uri Botello will look for another player when someone becomes available. The team will reach a quarter-final at most.  

Carolina Navarro / Eli Amatriain 

After 12 years, former world champion Carolina Navarro left Cecilia Reiter. The new partner will be Eli Amatriain. A partner of a higher class than Cecilia Reiter but with a failed season behind him with Sofia Araujo. It will take a lot for the team to reach the semi-finals. The quarter-finals will be more reasonable. However, it will be exciting to see Carolina Navarro play with a new partner. 

Other new pairs: 

Agustin Silingo / Jon Sanz 

José Sanchez Serrano / Mati Diaz 

Gonzalo Rubio / Ivan Ramirez 

Esther Carnicero / Cecilia Reiter 

Ana Nogueira / Sofia Araujo 

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