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Tinder opens padel court for singles in Stockholm

Are you single and like padel? Now you can play padel and go on a date at the same time when Tinder opens its first court in Stockholm, writes the Swedish magazine Café

The strong padel trend of recent years has also been noticed in people's Tinder biographies. In the last year, the word padel became five times more common in profiles.

Now Tinder is opening its very first padel court located on a rooftop in the south of Stockholm. According to Tinders Future of dating 2021, the pandemic has changed the way we date; when it's time to meet in real life, singles today increasingly prefer creative outdoor activities.

The court is completely free for members, and you can play between the 14th of July and 1th of August. 

You book the course on, choose a time and then invite your tinder match to the match.

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