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Botello and Ruiz separates after four years — can play with Coello

Things are happening in the world of padel, saying the least. After the Valencia Open, more pairs have decided to separate. These include Uri Botello and Javi Ruiz and Mati Diaz and Agustin Silingo. Meanwhile, it is now clear that Miguel Lamperti and Mike Yanguas will play together. 

The time after the seventh competition of this year's World Padel Tour in Valencia has been turbulent. Many pairs have split up, including the classic pair Cecilia Reiter and Carolina Navarro and Miguel Lamperti and Arturo Coello, as Padel Alto previously reported. During Monday night and Tuesday morning, more couples have announced that they are going their separate ways. 

As previously speculated, Javi Ruiz and Uri Botello are going their separate ways, the couple who have been playing together for four years announced on Monday night. It remains to be seen if Javi Ruiz will be paired with Arturo Coello officially. Miguel Lamperti says in a video on his Youtube channel that Arturo Coello called him up and told him that he and Javi Ruiz would play together. 

Uri Botello and Javi Ruiz went to the semi-final in Marbella Masters. Otherwise, the season has been a failure for the pair. 

”I will never be able to forget this period where success, stability, teamwork, trust, solidarity have been combined,” writes Javi Ruiz on Instagram. 

Meanwhile, it turned out that "The Warrior," Mati Diaz, and his partner Agustin Silingo are saying goodbye to each other.

”It is not the end. It is a new beginning. After the battles we shared, today we close this stage together”, writes Mati Diaz. 

Do we have any new pairs announced? Yes, it is now clear that Miguel Lamperti is playing with Mike Yanguas, which he also talks about on his Youtube channel. More official pairs are expected this week, with the Las Rozas Open starting in Madrid next week. 

On the women´s side, it is now official that Eli Amatriain and Sofia Araujo separates. In all likelihood, Carolina Navarro and Eli Amatriain will be announced as a couple in the future. 

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