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Coello and Lamperti separates: ”Thank you for everything”

Arturo Coello and Miguel Lamperti had a successful start to the season. More recently, things have gone worse. Now the pair are going their separate ways, Coello confirms on his Instagram. 

19-year old Arturo Coello and 42-year old Miguel Lamperti goes separate ways. Valencia Open was their last tournament together, confirms Arturo Coello on Instagram. 

— It is amazing what you have contributed to me both emotionally and professionally, Arturo Coello writes. 

The pair started the season successfully with two semi-final places in Madrid and Alicante. After that, things have gotten worse. 

It is unclear who Miguel Lamperti and Arturo Coello will pair up with for the rest of the season. 

In a longer interview with Padel Alto earlier this year, the star did not rule out pairing up with Agustin Tapia. There is also speculation that Javi Ruiz could be considered as a replacement for Miguel Lamperti. 

— Tapia is a young player like me. We might play with each other in the future. You never know. But, I am concentrating on playing this season with Miguel for now, Arturo Coello said then. 

Miguel Lamperti and Arturo Coello were not the only pair to break up yesterday. Miguel Yanguas and Ivan Ramirez, who reached the quarter-finals twice this year at the Madrid Open and Valladolid Masters, also announced their break. 

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