”I hope to help develop Padel Alto worldwide”

Mauri Andrini joins Padel Alto. The Argentinian ex-professional player and the founder of Hello Padel Academy will produce content for the site both in written form and make video features. 

— With all the people I know and my knowledge of the game, I hope to help develop the platform worldwide, Mauri Andrini says. 

First of all, welcome to Padel Alto. To those who don´t know. Who is Mauri Andrini? 

— Thank you! I am the head coach and director of Hello Padel Academy, and I am an ex-professional padel player. I still sometimes compete in some tournaments but focusing on the coaching process for kids and adults from a few years ago. I won the world championship when I was a junior player. With an Argentinian partner, I was number one in the world when I was under 18. I had been competing in the World Padel Tour also, with a highest ranking of top 100 in 2018. After that, I focused on the International padel academy that I have created with my wife. We have now set up Hello Padel Holland, Belgium, England, and Denmark, except Hello Padel in Spain, based in Barcelona, where we live. We coach coaches and players from all over the world. People are coming from Dubai, United States, Senegal, from wherever. 

What part of the padel interests you the most? 

— It is to educate the coaching process on how people understand the game. Many people talk about the technical stuff, which is very interesting as well. To be able to be tactical, you have to learn how to play technically to do a different variation in your game plan depending on the match. But, you can play against players with worse techniques who are very good. I also like the off-court game. How pairs work together, how they communicate and grow together. Why a pair split up and all that things besides the court, as an ex-professional player, I have got excellent contact with most of the top players. I love the coaching process, and we at Padel Alto will analyze many aspects of the game. Not only the World Padel Tour but also some technical and tactical aspects for amateurs and advanced players. 

What can you contribute to the readers and viewers of Padel Alto? 

— I hope to bring professionalism from what I do, coaching and helping the sport develop. With all the people I know and my knowledge of the game, I hope to help develop the platform worldwide with information from different players and Federations. Not only from the World Padel Tour but also the top players from each country. How the sport is growing in different countries and which issues there are. With the viewers, we want to show videos on different techniques of shots and decision-making on the court. We will do nice content for both readers and viewers who will enjoy different content from us. 

So, lastly. What is the single most important thing for padel to continue to grow in the future? 

— Education of the sport. Before that, we need builders, the people who will help the new clubs in the future. The next step is to educate new players properly. Then, perhaps we can be the biggest racket sport in the world globally. 

Max Andersson, the Head of Media on Everysport Media Group, about the recruitment of Mauri Andrini: 

— It feels great to have a padel expert like Mauri join our team at Padel Alto. He is a true professional in everything he does. We share the same vision for how we can develop the coverage of the sport, and Mauri will feature in many of our content productions from now on. This is just the beginning of what we want to create with Padel Alto. 

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