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After the bad start - Marrero in an emotional break with the coach

Many thought this would be the season when "Las Martas" would come back to be a top pair. Instead, the best result is a semi-final. Now Marta Marrero is breaking with her coach. 

It was an emotional farewell that came on Thursday when Marta Marrero declared farewell to her coach, Juan Alday. 

"It all started almost ten years ago when I started playing padel. I was a beginner and met a coach who gave me everything I know about this sport. Together we grew and developed. The road has brought many joys, dreams fulfilled, and tears, anger, pressure, and demands, but always with a lot of respect, affection, and an eagerness to learn and develop from each other. Today is the day our paths part professionally, but you will continue to be in my life", Marta Marrero writes on her Instagram. 

Marta Marrero and Marta Ortega dominated the 2019 World Padel Tour. This season, their best result is a semi-final place, which came most recently at the Santander Open. 

The coach, Juan Alday, writes on Instagram: 

”There are people who change your life. Thank you for believing in me so much, for making me feel like I could. For teaching me how to win”. 

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